I know how it feels when your device is not being supported by the latest versions of software. You may be facing the same issue of your device not supporting the newer version of Lightroom mod apk and looking for a solution. 

Here is a quick solution for you, you can download and install any of the Lightroom mod apk old version and it will work fine on your device. You must check the requirements of each old version before downloading it so your precious time will not be wasted.

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Lightroom MOD APK v9.2.3

Lightroom MOD APK All Older Versions

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Lightroom MOD APK

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Lightroom MOD APK

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Lightroom MOD APK

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Lightroom MOD APK

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Lightroom MOD APK

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Lightroom MOD APK

What are the benefits of using Adobe Lightroom MOD APK Old Versions

Here are the 6 most important reasons why you should use the old version of adobe Lightroom:

1- Improve Performance and Stability

The old version works like a bullet train for using all the features smoothly without getting hanged. It has the best improved performance and stability you may not see in new versions. So, if you want to enjoy the smoothness of your work, the old versions are made for you.

2. No Compatibility Issue

As I explained earlier, the new lightroom apk version has some compatibility issues that sometimes creates issues for the users. If you are facing the same issue, you can download the old version of the app because it has no compatibility issue at all and it supports all the mobile devices. 

3. Access To Previous Features

By installing an old version you will be able to access the best previous old features. Sometimes what happens is that the companies update the feature with new and improved technologies but at the same time remove some good features that you still need. Thus, if you need an old feature that is not available in the lightroom app, this feature is for you.

4. Fewer Updates and Bug Fixes

There are always the chances that the newer the app, it will collapse if not managed well. If you do so, you may lose your important photography work or start again at the beginning. To avoid any consequences being lost, you should use the old version of an editing app as it will have fewer updates and have less bugs compared to the new version. 

5. Preserved Editing Workflow

Another benefit of using the old version of lightroom mod apk is that you may preserve your editing workflow without getting distracted by any new boring features.

6. Less resources consumptions

Last but not the least, the most important advantage of using the old version of the app is that it will use very low internet consumption and will take up a lot of storage and resources for you. It will save a good storage for your other work and you will still have a good room for using other software’s.

Defects of Using Adobe Lightroom MOD APK Old Versions

As the law of the universe suggests that everything comes with its advantages and dis-advantages. Just like this, the Lightoom mod apk old version also has some drawbacks that you must be aware of. They are as below:

1- Lack of New Features

This feature of the old apk is bad and good at the same time. Bad in a sense that you will not be getting access to the advanced and newly launched features in a software. Thus, sometimes you may save tons of time by using the advanced functions. And, this feature is good in a sense that you will not be disturbed by the new features and complete your time effortlessly within the project time.

So, you may experiment with both versions and see if what version gives maximum benefits. You can then adopt that.

2- Unresolved Bugs

Sometimes the old version of an app has bugs that users often report it with the developer of the app. The developer takes action on the reports of bugs and thus the bugs are then removed. Now, if you want to use the old version you may still have to encounter the bugs that are resolved in the newer updates.

So, if the bugs in the old version are not destructive, you should use the older versions.

3- Limited Support from Developers

Last con of the old version is that you get very limited and almost no support from the app developer. This is an extremely important feature you need when you come across a very difficult issue in the app. Or when you need any instruction or additional feature in the app.

So, if you are good with the old version and think that when you encounter an issue then you will update it to the latest version then it has no problem for you at the time. Therefore, be relaxed and enjoy editing on the android app. 

Functions of Lightroom MOD APK

  • It has no Watermark
  • You can access premium presets
  • It has the the color grading feature
  • The HDR Function
  • Access to Adobe cloud community
  • Feature of removing any objects from your picture
  • You can merge the HDR and Panorama in your editing

About Lightroom MOD APK Old Versions

Adobe Lightroom is an editing software’s developed by Adobe after the release of photoshop December 7, 2016. It is the best software application for photo and video editing. 

It has all the functions that i video needs for professional editing. For example, you can expect a beautiful advanced built-in camera with more than 2500 premade presets templates that you can import into your editing and skyrocket your skills, premium cloud storage access to official adobe family, removing unwanted objects from your images and blurring any background.

If you are an editor or want to become an editor this app is for you as it will help you polish your skills with time and help you make an editing ninja.

What is Difference in the new & old Lightroom Apk version?

  • Bugs fixation
  • Sync error solved
  • New camera app
  • No pixel degradation
  • Camera and Lens Profiles
  • Performance improvement
  • Integration with Adobe Ecosystem
  • Improved import and export settings

How To Download and Install Adobe Lightroom Old Versions?

Step1: Download any version you like on this page. You may download the 9.0.1

Step2: Wait until it finishes downloading.

Step3: Allow unknown sources on your setting, or it may be in chrome.

Step4: Now click on the install button and wait until it gets installed.

Step 5: Click on Open it, and start enjoying the old premium version of lightroom mod apk.

Pros and Cons of Old Version


  • All the premium feature available
  • It has less size
  • Free of cost
  • No watermark
  • Easy to use
  • Interactive design


  • It has no access to new updates from developer
  • You may come across old bugs that are being solved in the later versions.
  • Also, the app might not be stable 


It totally depends on you which adobe lightroom mod apk old version you want to download. The old versions are good for those who want to have some quality editing work on their compatible mobiles. It will help you out in the effective and smoothness of your editing work on your mobile.

The lightroom mod apk with old versions are cost effective and life changing apps for photographers around the world. It helps you edit your picture and video in a very timely manner without any distraction of ads, limited storage, and by using built-in camera function. Moreover, you can enjoy all of these features without being a watermark or logo on the file. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Apk now and start getting benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Can I download any old version of Lightroom MOD APK?
Yes, you can download any version of lightroom mod apk you like and that too from our website, thelightroomapks.com
What is the method of using these old versions?
These apps are best for those whose mobiles are not supporting the latest versions. You can use these apps once you install any of the lightroom apk versions.
How can we differentiate the latest versions of Lightroom MOD APK from old versions?
The latest version of the lightroom mod apk is 9.2.1 and apart from this, the other versions are old. Moreever, while using the app you will notice that the latest version has a new Ai tool integrated by Adobe.
Which version of Adobe Lightroom works well?
It depends on your use and specification. The newer the version the best it will work. But keep in mind that the newer versions are not supported by all devices. Therefore, if you can install the new version, it will be a good thing for you.
Is Lightroom classic on mobile?
Nope, the editing software the lightroom classic version is only available for pc, and computer. You cannot install it on your mobile as it will not work.
Is Lightroom classic still available?
Yes, it is still available for Computers and Pcs and not for Mobile devices.

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