Experience the best of photo and video editing with Lightroom Mod APK, the premium and unlocked version of Adobe Lightroom. Download the latest version for your Android device for free.

Download Info

App NameAdobe Lightroom Mobile
App Version9.2.3
Size121 MB
Mod apk featuresPremium full features Unlocked
Android requirement8.0 and up
LicencePremium Unlocked
Published byAdobe
Genre/ CategoryPhoto and video editor
SecuritySafe and secure
Release onDecember 7, 2016
Updated1 Day Ago

Editing photos with Lightroom can be frustrating with constant ads and limited features. Moreover, exporting projects with an Adobe watermark can be disappointing after hours of work. Why pay for features you can get for free?

Thelightroomapks.com has you covered. Download the latest premium version of Lightroom Mod Apk v9.3.1 now!

What Is Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom, part of the Adobe Cloud subscription, is a photo editing app developed by Adobe, released on January 9, 2006. Available on Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS, it offers tools for editing, viewing, importing, saving, organizing, and sharing photos and videos across platforms through synchronization. Features include photo balancing, color grading, lens correction, object removal, and more, making it easy to create stunning images and videos.

What Is Lightroom MOD APK?

Lightroom Mod APK is a premium version of Adobe Lightroom, offering advanced features typically behind a paywall. With over 2500+ premade presets, templates, masking, and blur options, you can access all features without login and without any Adobe watermark.

What Is Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom Mod apk is a premium version of the Adobe Lightroom app. Some of these functions are available in the free version up to 75% but with the Adobe watermark at the end, and some advanced functions are provided by us in the Lightroom Mod apk profile above. The premium clone is the latest version and has all the paid features like 2500+ premade presets and templates with masking and blur that you can access without login. It also has features like select subject and sky mod, and most importantly, it has no watermark.

Lightroom Mod Apk Quic Features

Lightroom Mod APK Features

  • Premium Unlocked: Access hundreds of presets, advanced editing tools, and a built-in camera with no watermark.
  • Filters and Presets Unlocked: Unlimited filters and presets.
  • Built-in Camera: Use the in-app camera for professional editing.
  • Cloud Storage: Backup essential images and videos to the cloud.
  • Image Organization: Keep edited and unedited images separate for easy import/export.
  • Advanced Editing Tools: Utilize brushing, coloring, red-eye correction, and more.
  • Adobe Paid Subscription Activated: Access Adobe Cloud family features.
  • Premium Membership: Gain advanced tools to enhance your editing skills.
  • Synchronization Across Devices: Edit across multiple platforms without losing progress.
  • Adobe Sensei (AI Bot): Use AI to assist with editing and learning app functions.
  • Healing Brush and Clone Tool: Remove unwanted elements and apply styles from other images.
  • No Ads: Enjoy uninterrupted editing.
  • No Login Required: Start editing immediately without logging in.
  • High-Quality Export: Export projects in high-definition.
  • Free and Secure: Enjoy the app with complete protection.
  • No Watermark: Edit without any company watermarks, allowing you to use your own logo or name.

Lightroom Mod APK details Features

Premium Unlocked
The Lightroom mod apk is premium and has all the features that you want in a paid app. It includes hundreds of premade presets, advanced editing tools, a built-in camera, and no watermark.
Filters and Presets Unlocked
The unlocked apk has unlimited filters and presets that you can access without any worry.
Built in App- Camera
The Lightroom app also has a built-in app camera in the premium app that you can use to benefit from it by utilizing it in your professional editing skills.
Cloud Storage
This app has cloud storage that you can use to back up your essential images, videos, and graphics in free cloud storage without saving them on your phone. It is a good option for those who have limited phone storage or want to use the editing shorts on multiple devices like Windows, iOS, and Apple.
Image organization
The Lightroom is a perfect tool for image organization. For example, it holds the edited image on the other side without mixing it with the unedited ones. You can then clearly import and export any file you want without needing clarification and wasting any time finding the files.
Powerful editing using advanced tools
This app has potent and advanced tools that you can use to polish your editing skills. It includes brushing, coloring, and red eye selection. These tools will help you remove any unwanted things from your image and clear your pictures and videos.
Adobe paid subscription activated.
By installing the apk app, you will get an Adobe Paid subscription activated. It will help you get access to the Adobe Cloud family, and you will be able to host your material in the cloud storage without worrying about being lost.
Premium Membership
With the help of the app, you also get premium membership to Adobe-paid advanced tools that will skyrocket your editing career.
Synchronization across Different Devices
This option is beneficial if you want to use ongoing projects across different platforms. For example, when you are editing your beautiful photography images on the mobile, and the app starts lagging or the battery vanishes. Then, this option comes into work. To make things easier, you can install the app on your Windows or iOS platform with the same email, and you are good to go. The same ongoing editing will be there properly from where it was left. Note: If you skipped the login step at the start, the Synchronization of the Lightroom editing app would not work across different devices, and you would probably have to start it right from the beginning.
Adobe Sensei ( Ai Bot )
With the latest premium version of Lightroom mod apk, Adobe has released an AI bot that helps you edit your photos and videos professionally. For example, if you want to remove the background of a picture, the AI bot will do that for you in just a step or two. It also helps in understanding the different functions of the app. Moreover, it gives you tips for the output of your photography editing skills. Everyone will think of you as a better editor than 70% of editors out there.
Healing Brush and Clone Tool
Well, these tools are worth trying. It helps you brush your photos and enables you to clear your images from any ambiguous things. The clone tool helps you put any other image styles into your photos. So it could be better? For example, when you see your favorite person with a good pose, and you are attracted to that style to the extent that you want to apply the same style to your photography. This tool helps you do the job. So, what you are waiting for is to download the Lightroom apk now and start nourishing your editing skills to the sky as the sky’s the limit.
No Ads
Imagine you are editing your favorite shorts on the Lightroom app with a very enthusiastic approach, and there comes an annoying, nonstop ad; how will it feel? I know, you would be damn severe and would try to crash the app unless it is not an important work. However, if it is essential to work, your battery is dying out, and the ads are not stoppable, then you may try to close and delete the app out of frustration. But don’t worry, with the help of this crack mod apk version of Lightroom, the ads have disappeared; there are no ads in the app. So you can enjoy doing your favorite editing without any disturbance.
No Login Required
With the help of this mod app, you are not required to first log in to the app to edit. You don’t need anything to start your crafting new editing skills. Just open the Lightroom app and start doing your job.
High-Quality Export
Imagine doing editing all day long, and when you try to export it, it comes with shallow resolution and low quality. How would you feel about it? But don’t worry; this is the best editing app for you as it exports your projects in very high-quality HD export resolutions.
Free And Secure
I like secure things; if you are like me, you would also like security first. That’s the reason I prefer the app over others, as it comes under complete protection, and that’s absolutely free.
No Watermark
Last but not least, there is no watermark from Adobe in the edited file. It helps you professionally edit photos, images, and videos without any watermarks of the company. You can insert your copyrighted logo or name and impress people with your editing skills.

App Screenshots

How To Download And Install?

To Download the Lightroom Premium unlocked apk, Follow this procedure:

Step 1: First of all, click on the download apk button above, and the downloading will start.

Download apk button screenshot

Step 2: wait until the app is downloaded; it will take some time, depending on your internet connection. After the app is downloaded, click on the app and allow unknown sources or, it appears like, allow from this source.

Allow unknown sources

Step 3: Click on the install button and wait until the app is installed.

install button screenshot

Step 4: Now open the app and start enjoying the latest premium unlocked version of Lightroom mod apk.

Now apen the mod apk

Pros & Cons Of Lightroom Mod APK


  • No ads
  • No watermark
  • No login required
  • No subscriptions required
  • Access to Premium Advanced tools
  • Synchronization across different platforms
  • All Features unlocked
  • Access to over 2500+ presets and templates


  • You may expect some bugs or errors and lag issues.

What are the System Requirements For Lightroom MOD APK For Android

Minimum system requirements are:
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 200 MB
  • Screen : 1920 x 1080
  • Processor: Quad Core
  • Operating system: Android 6.0

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Whats new in the latest lightroom mod apk?


Is Lightroom mod apk safe?
Yes, it is safe and secure if you download it from our website.
What are the requirements for Lightroom APK?
There are no such requirements if you have Android 6 or above. However, try to have at least 2GB RAM and 200 MB storage with a good screen resolution, as it will help you in the editing phase.
Is this Lightroom free to use?
Yes, The Lightroom is free to use.
Is Lightroom mod apk safe to use?
Yes, it is safe and secure to use.
Do I need a high-end device to download the Lightroom app?
Not necessarily. You don’t have to have a suitable device, but at least have 2GB RAM and 200 MB of free storage.
Can we edit videos through it?
Yes, you can edit your videos with the help of the Lightroom app.
Do I have to log in with an account?
Nope, you don’t have to log in with an account. You can skip the option by clicking the cross sign at the top right corner of your mobile.
Does the mod version support presets?
Yes, The Lightroom Mod apk supports more than 2500 presets.
What are some Lightroom alternatives?
Some of the Lightroom alternatives are Photoshop, Capture One, Snapseed, VSCO, and Picsart.


So, Lightroom is the best premium editor software developed by Adobe. It has free and paid versions. the free version has very limited functionality while the paid one has all the premium feature that a professional editor needs.

You can download the Lightroom Mod apk premium and unlocked latest version from our website below.